Machine Learning

Machine Learning is part of Artificial Intelligence, we will teach the machines to learn your business needs and also we will use predominant human intelligence to increase the accuracy of those needs towards an effective solution

Growth and expansion are the two main goals when an organization or industry enters the market , with the advice of DATA2DIMENSIONS your Business or Service will:

  • Get Better alignment through strategy
  • Synchronize the operational and financial strategies
  • Speed up the decision making process
  • Get your Multi-disciplinary analysis
  • Get to Know your target “Why, Who and where is getting done“ a million times
  • Mass your improvement to completely climbable solutions
  • Develop Predictive Rules to determine poorest, best and expected values for changed of scenarios
  • Detect Fraud and the impostures
  • Get to know the niche of your product or service
  • Predict the ultimate / benefit


Data Science Versus Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical methods like logistic regression, linear regression, clustering etc to create programs that improves itself over time. That is the program that learns itself over time, which is a part of Artificial Intelligence.
Nowadays Machine Learning is now replacing the explicit programming which is Inflexible, Costly and Can’t Adopt to the change in need for the environment.

Data Science — it might not have nothing to do with learning as machine learning because it is a data driven science and requires mathematical as well as statistical algorithms to derive the required solution and 90% of the programmers don’t have, as they come from computer science background not from Mathematics Background. Therefore in Machine learning it concentrates more on programming then understanding the complex mathematical and statistical concepts of Data Science.

I believe you have heard the world Data Scientist quit often in the field of Data Driven Jobs. Data Scientist is the person who actually uses various way by meaning of tools and complex algorithms to find the remedy of the cause.
He encompasses with various skills from technical programming, to implementing complex algorithms to answer the complex situations.

By Rupak Roy
Ai Designer
August 22nd 2017

Image Consulting

Image Consulting  solutions Combined with Machine Learning Solutions will be the key that identifies the weakness and strengths of your business to deliver a custom strategy for your success.

We will study for you different areas and DATA2DIMENSIONS will analyze your needs in order to achieve successful business solutions.

Our Technology will cover all the areas from advertising to creating a new product or services for your business also from campaigning to launching of that product or service.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing: Host your tools in the World Wide Web and give the backbone services needed to allow easy data collaboration between multiple departments and safe access it anywhere anytime anyplace with the ability to run on any web browsers.

Get your success monitored and customize the outreach efforts of an on-going , as needed basis.

Automate everyday tasks and get your services enhance by CRM.