Internet of Things (IoT)

Block2About IoT

What is IOT through Data2dimensions?
It is the correlation and engagement of smart devices through a network that will integrate a AI and ML talking to each other in order to provide monitoring actionable solutions through the DATA2DIMENSIONS analysis and products with BRIDGE to your daily life events and style with an integration of positive outcome for your business atomization solutions. It is been estimated that the number of connected devices on the IoT network will be more then 35 billion which approximately 30 devices for each and every user.
With the solutions of DATA2DIMENSIONS your Business or Service will:

    Track behavior in real time and enhance situation awareness, mass your improvement with Sensor-driven decision making, get quick and better control and response of complex autonomous systems, optimized resource consumption collaboration and sharing with data driven maintenance cost, therefore Actionable by the minute to provide solutions to your life style and your business growth.


D2IoT Software Development

      • Software development is an essential part of the smart devices that serves as a communication bridge between the user and their smart devices. With Data2Dimensions get cost effective scalable technology, User Interface Controls, software brokering, Integrated Embedded Firmware even Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and also Communication Protocols and more.



D2IoT Hardware Development
DATA2DIMENSIONS provide complete assistance from designing the architecture to manufacturing the product for various domains ranging from Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Lifestyle and Wearable technologies and more are fortified based on platforms like

  • Signal Integrity, Thermal Analysis, DFM/DFT/DFA and more for PCB Layouts.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, NFC and more for connectivity.
  • ARM, Cortex, AVR32 Series and more.
  • Real Time Operating Systems, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS.
  • And for Interfaces like SDIO, SPI, USB, UART, etc.



D2HomeAutomation: Create a hassle free life with the ability to control your electronics right from your smart devices and balancing to your needs environment conditions, the security and alarm systems of your home or office space in the palm of your hands from anywhere and anytime.


  • Integrate heat, air, ventilation and other environment conditioning including a dual control for separate rooms in your home or office..
  • A personalize and automated home entertainment and lighting systems to suit your life style.
  • Data2dimensions partner devices and software solutions will detect leakage with automated alert systems.
  • Also a close control circuits surveillance and a Voice Recognition, including the Perimeter Intrusion Detection with pre- alerts to your smartphones or any smart devices including an integrated parking entry and exit points with an atomization and presetting’s of your life style using machine learning data2dimensions custom solutions.
  • DATA2DIMENSIONS will bring a real time insights for electro-mechanical equipment and their connectivity with synchronized behavior to be able to optimize the energy and resources effective management solutions.



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