Machine Learning


Machine Learning is part of Artificial Intelligence, we will teach the machines to learn your business needs and also we will use predominant human intelligence to increase the accuracy of those needs towards an effective solution

Growth and expansion are the two main goals when an organization or industry enters the market , with the advice of DATA2DIMENSIONS your Business or Service will:

  • Get Better alignment through strategy
  • Synchronize the operational and financial strategies
  • Speed up the decision making process
  • Get your Multi-disciplinary analysis
  • Get to Know your target “Why, Who and where is getting done“ a million times
  • Mass your improvement to completely climbable solutions
  • Develop Predictive Rules to determine poorest, best and expected values for changed of scenarios
  • Detect Fraud and the impostures
  • Get to know the niche of your product or service
  • Predict the ultimate / benefit.



D2Connections: Will find groups of objects and will classified among their similarities and differences.

D2Connections Applications: 
It will group your data and it will classifieds for you to be able to identified your subjects by the usage clustering tools until it is organize among their similarities and/or differences

What you can do ?




D2Criteria: Will develop all scenarios using predictive Rules to determine the best, least and expected values for the various changes your data can forecast.

What is D2Criterions? 
Is a branching method that will deliver every possible combination outcome of the condition of the data and/or the criteria you want to have analyzed?
Data2Criterions is an efficient way to comprehend and appreciate the possible options of the condition of your data and the infinite range of outcomes it can deliver.
Ultimately, it is the faster keys for your complex data condition.

How D2Criterions Works? 

D2Criterions will collect a range of different data in to a branching method in order to deliver the best outcome of your data decision making process.
For example if there is a need to choose the best fuel efficient car before purchasing we will take in consideration the information about its mileage, engine displacement, cylinder, horsepower, weight of the car and others. Then D2Criterions will give you various possible options and its range of outcomes from the data that has been collected. So the outcome of the results of a fuel efficient car best rage of the brand and type of vehicle according to your taste, helping you come forward with the right decision that accommodates you.

D2Criterions Applications





D2HD Visualize your data in High Definition for easy consumption.

What is D2HD 
D2HD is the scientific visualization of analytical reasoning. D2HD allows user to combine their human flexibility, creativity and background knowledge.




D2Immense Automation: Get far more intelligence in the palm of your hand on how your business is operating to predict and take accurate decisions of the business.

What is D2Immense Automation: 

• Previously all systems generate massive huge amount of data on day to day basis and due to the lack of advancement in storage of massive continuous stream of data. Data’s either end up deleted or only few required data gets extracted from the rest. With a recent discovery to Big Data technologies and analyzing the continuous stream of data first adopted by few giant mnc’s gave them a competitive era over others.
• D2Immense is fortified with big data technologies of hadoop ecosystem like HDFS, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, MapReduce, Oozie, Hbase etc to Technologies to tackle massive amount or live streaming of terabytes to petabytes of data to deliver real time insights of your organization.

Why it is important?

• What happened? How or why did it happen? What’s happening now? What is likely to happen next?
• Keeping those kind of information upto dated on regular basis gives more effective way to track and monitor everyday questionable progress. This in turn eliminates revision during budgeting process.
• A sound knowledge of updated information gives greater flexibility to quickly and accurately adopt the change in demand and environment.
• By bringing together data get real-time insights will give you competitive advantage.
• With actionable information get a Peace of mind in solving more complex decisions in clipped period of time.






D2Zdodiac: Mass your improvement by predicting the ultimate/ benefit.

What is D2Zodiac? 
D2Zodiac uses predictive modeling to determine the cause and the effect relationship of your organizational resources and the quantification of impact to deliver every possible accurate outcome of your organizational resources. It is one most widely used mathematical approach to predict the cause and the effect of your organizational resources.




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